Charter Email provides Charter Internet subscribers with up to 10 Email addresses.

There are a few ways to set up your Email account.

  1. By creating a My Account login in
  2. By Chatting with a Customer Care Representative
  3. By contacting a Customer Care Representative at 1-888-438-2427

To set up a My Account, you will need your 16 digit account number and your four-digit security code.

These can be found in the upper left corner of your billing statement.

1. Right click on your desktop

2. Select New, then Shortcut

3. In the Type the location of this item: box enter:

4. Click Next

5. In the Type a name for this shortcut: box enter Email

6. Click Finish

Login to your My Account

Click on Online Tools tab

From the Manage Email Accounts section, you can edit an existing Email address and/or Email password, or click Create New Email Address

Once your Charter internet service is disconnected, any Email addresses associated with it will be deleted.

The Head of Household (HOH) Email address has special privileges that the additional Email addresses or child Email addresses do not have.

The HOH address can enable parental controls on the child Email and enable access to online content for child addresses.

Child Email addresses only have access to change their own passwords.

Child accounts cannot add/remove/modify other Email Addresses, Parental Controls, Web space, or Charter Security Suite.

Once you establish your HOH Email address adding additional child Email addresses and designating privileges is easy.

You get up to 10 Email addresses, and you get over 1 GB of storage for each Email address.

Storage limits cannot be increased.

1. Login your My Account

2. Click the Online Tools tab

3. Click the Delete Email Address button to the right of the Email address you no longer want

4. Click the Delete button to continue

Note: Only the Head of Household account can delete Email addresses

There is currently no way to set Email as your default Email program.

If you would like to use the default Email options of your operating system you will need to set up your Email using a client such as Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express.

You can use the Mark this message as Junk Mail option in your Email to report spam messages.

Click the Junk Mail button then choose Report as Junk.

To view or change Parental Controls start by clicking the Online Tools button and then selecting the Parental Controls tab.

Email Parental Controls allows you to:

  • Approve or reject Emails received by all child Email addresses
  • Deliver, reject, forward, or delete Emails that are not on the Approved or Blocked Sub-mailbox Senders lists

You must be the Head of Household to enable and disable parental controls to any child Email addresses you may have.

In addition to setting parental controls for your Email addresses, you can also set controls for products available on

For additional information on Charter Email, including FAQ's, visit and search using keywords "Charter Email"

You can choose to filter certain messages to your Junk Mail folder.

This will keep potentially harmful messages out of your inbox.

It is recommended, however, that you keep the default setting, Never deliver Junk Mail, for preventative purposes.

  • Select the message and click the Junk Mail button
  • Click Report as Junk to complete the action

A domain name provides easily recognizable (memorable) name to an internet resource.

The proper domain for Charter Email would be

The ORIGINAL unaltered rejected message should be sent (not forwarded) to

The message will be analyzed and appropriate action taken to unblock that specific message if the message is deemed to be a false positive.

It can take up to 48 hours before the message is no longer flagged as SPAM.

A sender may not know whether a recipient received a particular message.

This is not Charter-specific; it is how Email works.

In general, if the Email message could not be delivered to the recipient's mailbox, you will receive a bounce-back message with an error code and explanation (i.e. "Recipient does not exist," etc.).

You can access Charter Email from any computer connected to the Internet by visiting the homepage and clicking on Email.

Email messages consist of two major sections:

  • Header: Message summary, sender, receiver, and other information about the Email
  • Body: The message itself; sometimes containing a signature block at the end

Messages usually have at least four headers as follows:

  • From: Address/Name of the sender of the message
  • To: Address/Name of the receiver of the message
  • Subject: Brief summary of the contents of the message
  • Date: Local time and date when the message was sent