NFL Network is available to Charter customers on the Digital View Plus tier and Sports View level of service, each priced at $10/month.

NFL RedZone is only available on Charter's Sports View level of service, and is a Sunday only service.

Both NFL Network and Red Zone will be available in high-definition, but availability varies by service area.

HD/DVR OFFERS: A Charter HD/DVR receiver is required for HD/DVR service and customer's TV must be HD capable. HD programming varies by service level. Not all channels available in HD. Standard rates apply for Charter HD/DVR service. HD channels included at no additional cost.

Channel lineups vary by market.

To see what TV channels are available at your service address go to, click "Current Customer", click "Channel Lineup", enter your address and zip code, click "Show Lineup".

You can also get program listings by tapping on the "TV Listings" icon from the home screen of the Charter Mobile App.

Charter Cable TV™ Expanded Basic features:

  • Over 70 channels of clear, reliable entertainment
  • Simple, convenient way to entertain your entire household
  • Movies, sports, news, music videos, documentaries, hit TV shows, children's programming

Charter TV™ advantage:

  • Connect every TV in your house without buying any additional equipment
  • Repairs are fast and easy
  • Local channels at no additional cost
  • Access to countless hours of great programming

Visit and search using keywords "Channel Changes"

To see what TV channels are available at your service address go to, click "Current Customer", click "Channel Lineup", enter your address and zip code, click "Show Lineup"

You can also get program listings by tapping on the "TV Listings" icon from the home screen of the Charter Mobile App

HBOGO & MAXGO is included for our TV customers subscribing to HBO and CINEMAX

No additional charge to use

Gives you unlimited access to HBO or CINEMAX online

Watch streaming video of your favorite HBO/MAX Original Series, blockbuster movies, sports, comedy and documentaries from your computer whenever you want

More than 1400 shows available every month

Access from any computer with a high-speed Internet connection

HBOGO and MAXGO mobile app is also available for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices(Minimum 3G connection required)

In November 2011, Charter 3D movies On Demand will be available in additional Charter markets.

The only 3D programming currently offered is 3D movie rentals available On Demand. Based upon the popularity of 3D movies On Demand, additional 3D content may become available in the future.

To view a list of 3D movies available to rent On Demand or to determine if 3D is available in your area:

  1. Navigate to Charter On Demand
  2. Select "Movies"
  3. Select "3D Movies"

Note: 3D On Demand is not available to customers with Cisco/Scientific Atlanta receivers at this time. We are working to offer 3D On Demand to Cisco/Scientific Atlanta customers in 2012.

Moxi receivers do not support 3D content, except select Moxi models available only in the St. Louis market.

Visit for additional information.

TV Guide channel was relocated to a digital level of service in order to provide a higher-quality picture to ensure a better viewing experience for our customers.

Relocating programming to our digital level of service allows for the addition of more services and features that our customers are asking for:

  • More High-Definition programming
  • Faster Internet speeds
  • More On Demand programs and features

You can view the TV listings for your service address by:

  1. Go to, click on TV & Video, click TV Listings or
  2. Download our mobile app, tap on "TV Listings" or
  3. Go to, tap "Current Customer", tap "Channel Lineup"

Channel requests help us make decisions when we add or change a channel lineup.

Please call 1-888-438-2427 to submit your channel request.

Cable theft:

  1. Drives up operating costs, which raises the cost of service to paying customers
  2. Can impact picture quality
  3. Can impact internet speeds
  4. Can impact phone service quality

Cable theft is illegal under various state laws as well as Section 633 of the Federal Cable Act [47 U.S.C. § 553].

If you suspect someone is stealing cable services, you can make an anonymous and confidential report by visiting

Signal leakage occurs when the signals within the cable lines are not properly contained. This can be caused by:

  1. Loose connections
  2. Damaged cables
  3. Accidents resulting in damage to cable poles or lines

If signal leakage is found inside your home, it must be corrected by a Charter technician. If you are not home when leakage is found, a note will be placed on your door so you can contact us to make an appointment for this to be fixed.

Please contact us at 1-888-438-2427 if additional assistance is required.

STD, HRC and IRC are options your analog TV uses to modulate your cable signal to improve the quality of video that you receive.

STD stands for standard.

HRC stands for harmonically related carriers.

IRC stands for incrementally related carriers.

While using Charter, you would want to set your analog TV to the STD option.

Big Ten Network (BTN) is available on the Expanded Basic Digital and Sports View tier.

If you receive BTN programming as part of your video service you will also have access to BTN2Go.

With BTN2GO you can:

  • Enjoy access on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Enjoy streaming content such as live games, on-demand original programming and archived content from the Big Ten Conference library.

Please contact us at 1-888-438-2427 to find out if BTN is available in your area and to order service.

The Discovery Health Channel was discontinued on January 1, 2011, due to low viewership.

The programming was replaced by OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

A digital signal provides for a clearer signal and sharper picture.

Charter's Digital Cable Packages offer Charter Digital Package, Digital Plus Package, and the Premium Package.

You can choose from combinations of premium channels and exclusive digital programming, as well as add HD or DVR to any of these packages (additional cost for HD and DVR equipment).

If you will not be residing in your home for an extended period, you may qualify for our seasonal service.

Please contact us at 1-888-438-2427 to determine if you qualify.

Charter is able to connect every TV in your house, including digital receivers and cable cards on cable card enabled televisions. Costs and fees may vary.

epix is a single channel service with content on Video On Demand (VOD) and online at

epix shows movies produced and released from the three studios it partners with, as well as concerts and exclusive comedy events.

  • Paramount Pictures
  • MGM
  • Lionsgate Entertainment

epix also shows recently released movies and older films released between 1970 and 1999.

During the time a movie or event is on epix it is exclusive to epix and is not on any other network or premium channel.

EAS stands for Emergency Alert System and is used by the FCC to broadcast emergency alerts over the air.

The Emergency Alert System is an automated process that allows better communication of emergency alerts than the previous Emergency Broadcast System.

Emergency Alerts cannot be turned off.

Visit and search using keyword "RF" to find connection diagrams.

You will find several diagrams for connecting various TV components. Choose the one that fits your needs.

PaqueTV is a TV package that includes over 120 Spanish and English Channels. PaqueTV package is available in select markets. Go to to check availability for your service address.

To see if Charter has NBA games available in your area visit to check NBA TV availability at your service address.

You can also view your Channel Listings from our mobile app by tapping on the TV Listing icon on the home screen.

Sub-channels (Multicasting) are recognized by HDTVs with QAM tuners for customers subscribing to Basic or Expanded Basic services and not using a digital receiver.

They are managed by local broadcasters using their FCC assigned over-the-air digital channel to re-allocate bandwidth to provide one or more sub-channels, allowing for more distribution of programming.

On QAM tuner equipped TVs, these channels are represented in a decimal (or hyphen) format (i.e. 3.1, 3.2, etc...)