topOn Demand

We offer Video on Demand (VOD) and Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD).

VOD comes with our digital TV service and includes:

  1. Large library of content for no additional charge
  2. New release movies
  3. Shows from a variety of networks
  4. Premium channel subscribers have access to the premium channel VOD library at no extra charge

Note: You will only have access to the VOD channels that align with your level of service.

SVOD is available for a monthly fee and gives you unlimited viewing of included programming with no per viewing charges. If SVOD is available you will be able to purchase through remote or contact us.

NFL Network On Demand programming:

  • Not available upon the start of the first NFL game each week
  • Will reappear the day after the last game of the week (usually Monday)
  • Available to Charter Digital View Plus customers only
  • Viewed within the "Sports Free" folder, then under the NFL Network tab
  • 4 Main categories of content
    • NFL Highlights
    • NFL Blitz
    • NFL Network Shows
    • Local Zone
  • Cannot be viewed on days when live games are aired
  • Only viewable on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the remainder of the 2011/2012 season


  • NFL and NFL Network have complete control involving the availability of all NFL Network On Demand programming each week
  • NFL Network On Demand content is authorized to one level of Charter linear service - Digital View Plus (ONLY)...not Sports View

Due to traffic on the On Demand platform, Charter On Demand may be unavailable for a short period of time.

Please try accessing Charter On Demand again in a few minutes.

If you are still unable to access Charter On Demand, please contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

Using Charters mobile app, you can view a list of Charter On Demand movies by tapping the "On Demand" link on the home screen.

You can visit and click on "On Demand" to view a list of Charter On Demand movies.

Charter provides Disney Family movies through our Video On Demand feature. This is a monthly subscription service.

Disney Family Movies Information:

  • Available by subscription on Charter On Demand on Channel 999
  • For $4.99 per month you will get 12 animated shorts and movie titles at any given time
  • Two programs will be replaced with new programs every week, for 24 Disney selections per month
  • Selections will be a mix of movies, classic animated shorts, and other Disney selections

For additional information visit and search using keyword "Disney".

The new Charter On Demand Sub Menu tab might be a little confusing for new users.

When the Info button is pressed (or when the channel first comes up) the flip bar will have a tab with an info icon (a small "I" in a circle) by pressing the left or right arrow keys you can select between the "I" (info on the programming) or the On Demand option.

If this feature does not come up, it could be because it did not automatically load. This issue is resolved by going into Charter On Demand (either by using the "Menu" Icon or using channel 999 or 001).

Accessing and browsing the Video On Demand (VOD) menu is included at no additional charge with your Charter TV in Digital service.

There are over 2,400 selections available at no cost.

New release movies, adult programs, special events and other shows may carry fees, please check your on screen guide before ordering.

Charter VOD also offers unique monthly subscription services like Howard TV, here!, The Karaoke Channel, and more.

Any programs that carry a fee will have a confirmation screen before they begin confirming your order.

Note: Charter VOD services are not available in all areas.

There are many ways to access Charter Video on Demand:

  1. Tune to Channel 1 on your digital receiver
  2. Tune to Channel 999, on your digital receiver
  3. Press the "On Demand" button on your remote control

New content is being added daily.

Using Charters mobile app, you can view a list of Charter On Demand movies and set Email/Text message alerts when content becomes available by tapping the "On Demand" link on the home screen.

You can also visit and click on "On Demand" to view a list of Charter On Demand movies.

Use the arrow keys or the play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward buttons, depending on your remote.

The program fee will appear on screen, and you will always receive an order confirmation box before the start of any program that carries a fee.

If you rent a Charter On Demand program for a fee, the purchases will be added to your monthly Charter bill, and the program title will be listed for your reference.

If you're unable to pause, rewind or stop an On Demand movie, there may be a problem with your remote. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the power light on your receiver is lit
  2. Check to see if the remote control light is flashing repeatedly. If so, replace your batteries
  3. If possible, try changing the channels on the receiver without using the remote
  4. Make sure you have the correct codes programmed for your remote
  5. Make sure nothing is blocking the front of your receiver
  6. Make sure you are operating the remote within approximately 20 feet of the receiver

If you are still unable to pause, rewind or stop an On Demand movie after following the steps above, please contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

Charter On Demand offers you your premium channel movies that you subscribe to anytime you want at no additional charge.

Using Charters mobile app tap on the "On Demand" icon on the home screen for more information on Charters Video on Demand service.

You can also watch an informative video about Charters Video on Demand service in the videos section of Support and Bill Pay in our mobile app.

Additionally you can visit and search using keywords "On Demand" for more information.

Video On Demand (VOD) Menu structure has been modified to make it easier to navigate. The VOD content categories are now broken into a genre-based menu.

These changes have not impacted 'iWant More!' the Charter Media Category.

Please Note:

  1. Parental controls activated by you based on content ratings are not affected by menu changes
  2. Parental controls activated based on channel need to be reset after the menu changes. Note:Charter recommends customers set up parental controls based on ratings
  3. "Uncensored TV" is under the new "Events & Specials" category
  4. Parental controls blocking "Uncensored TV" when it was placed under "Adult" can also set up parental controls for the "Events & Specials" category
  5. Uncensored content is similar to Cinemax content with a rating for mature audiences

On select channels that have Charter On Demand services, you will now see an On Demand tab on their Flip Bar.

By using the left or right arrow key, you may highlight this option and select it to go directly into a related sub category on Charter On Demand.

For example: If you are watching Showtime, you can use this button to jump directly to Showtime On Demand content.

This will allow you:

  • Direct access to watch a preview, purchase a program, or set a lock
  • More access points to On Demand
  • Sub Menu launch from the flip bar or from the banner on the grid screen

If you stop your show and want to come back to it later, it will automatically be saved in the My Rentals or Saved Programs folder on the main On Demand menu.

Purchased content can be restarted or resumed anytime within 24 hours from the original purchase at no additional charge.

FUNimation Channel provides you with award-winning Anime content.

FUNimation gives you direct access to an exclusive portfolio of leading titles, series, original productions and live-action movies.

FUNimation Channel On Demand offers popular iconic series such as:

  • Trigun, One Piece, Fruits Basket and Kenichi
  • FUNimation also includes recently released, full seasons of anime titles including: Oh! Edo Rocket, Corpse Princess, Sengoku Basara, Spice and Wolf, Samurai 7 and Soul Eater

Any Parental Controls you have set will also work for On Demand.

Using Charters mobile app you can view videos located in the "Support and Bill Pay" section that will assist you with the setup of parental controls.

You can also visit and search using keywords "Parental Controls" for additional information.

To go back to the previous On Demand screen, press the "Last" or "C" button, depending on your remote.

You can also visit on your smartphone for additional information on your remote control.

Due to traffic on the On Demand platform, Charter On Demand may be unavailable for a short period of time. Please try accessing Charter On Demand again in a few minutes.

A disruption to your Charter On Demand service should not affect the rest of your cable service. You should be able to enjoy the rest of your cable channels without interruption.

topPay per View

Charter Pay-Per-View is available with your Charter TV in Digital subscription and allows you to watch live events, new release movies, and other programs for an additional fee.

You can order PPV from your Charter remote or by contacting us at 1-888-438-2427.

  1. In the Interactive Program Guide go to the channel the PPV event you want to order is being broadcast on and highlight the desired start time
  2. Press OK
  3. Highlight Confirm (or enter PIN) then press OK
  4. A reminder will automatically be set for the ordered PPV program. You must tune to the program within the designated time window in order for the program to actually be purchased

You can also contact us at 1-888-438-2427 to order Charter PPV.

NHL® CENTER ICE® is a digital subscription package of NHL regular season games that are played outside of your local viewing area.

Games included in NHL® CENTER ICE® are in addition to those available on OLN (Versus), NBC and in-market networks (such as a regional sports network and/or over-the-air station).

This includes:

  1. Up to 40 games a week throughout the regular season
  2. Select games from the first two rounds of Stanley Cup® playoffs
  3. Premier Canadian match-ups including broadcasts from CBC's Hockey Night in Canada

Visit for availability, pricing, and ordering information.

To restrict the purchase of Pay per View or On Demand programs, use the same PIN as with parental controls:

  1. From the Setup menu, Select PINs setup (similar to Parental Control)
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up, clear, or change your PINs

Set Locks anytime in the guide or while watching television:

  1. Press the LOCK button on your remote or use the icon on an information screen
  2. Enter your four-digit Parental Locks PIN and lock the channel, title, or rating

To restrict the purchase of Pay Per View or On Demand programs, use the same PIN as with parental controls:

  1. In the Settings category, scroll to the Parental Controls card, and then press OK
  2. Choose settings
  3. Scroll to the On Demand / Pay Per View Purchases card, and then press OK
  4. Enter your PIN to require that the PIN be entered whenever a purchase is made

To restrict the purchase of Pay Per View or On Demand programs on your Scientific Atlanta receiver:

  1. Press MENU twice on the remote control to access the Quick Settings Menu
  2. Press A to view More Settings
  3. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to highlight Purchasing. If not already expanded, press OK/SELECT
  4. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to highlight Locking Status and press OK/SELECT
  5. Highlight OFF if disabling the PIN or ON if enabling the PIN and press OK/SELECT
  6. Enter your 4 digit number PIN and press OK/SELECT
  7. Press EXIT to return to TV

If you are experiencing problems with Pay-Per-View reset (power cycle) all main/secondary receivers.

Motorola and Cisco/Scientific Atlanta receivers:

  • Reset (power-cycle) all main/secondary receiver(s) by unplugging them for 15 seconds then plugging them back in. Wait until the clock displays, then turn on the power to the receiver(s)

Moxi receivers:

  • Press and hold the Reset/Power button located on the front of the MOXI box

If this step does not fix your problem, contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

Your Charter My Account contains a summary of purchases made to your account. It lists both On Demand and Pay Per View orders as well as recent transactions.

To see the last six months of billing statements online, including any On Demand or Pay Per View transactions, you can view them from My Account.

To view your purchases since your last billing statement:

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Click the My Bill tab
  3. Click on "Recent Activity - click here"

You may order the event at anytime it is available within the menu. A reminder will be set, and you will not be charged unless you tune to that channel during the event.

Pricing varies for Pay-Per-View items, so please check the on-screen guide prior to ordering for pricing information. Fees apply for live events, adult shows and other programming.

You will only be billed if you tune to channel the event is on while it is playing.

However, keep in mind that if you turn to the channel for even a second while it is playing, you will be billed for that movie or event.

Note: If you ordered the event by contacting a Charter Representative, you will need to contact us again or you will still be charged.

If you want your Charter Pay-Per-View (PPV) movie to show up on all your TVs with a Charter TV in Digital receiver, you will need to contact us at 1-888-438-2427 for authorization.

  1. Highlight the ordered program in any of the listings menus
  2. Press OK
  3. Highlight Cancel
  4. Press OK