TV: Programming

Channel requests help us make decisions when we add or change a channel line-up. Please call 1-888-438-2427 to submit your channel request.

Check the Channel Lineup in your area.

There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming for Charter Communications®. In general, some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings, availability of open channels on our cable system, and whether or not there are similar channels on our lineup.

You can block channels from your cable line-up by using the Parental Control feature available on receivers leased from Charter Communications. It is also possible that the model of television or VCR you have allows you to program your own television equipment to block programming you prefer not to receive. Please review your equipment manual for instructions.

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The channel line-up contains a list of channels that are offered by area. View your channel line-up.

HBO GO and MAX GO are included to all our TV customers who subscribe to HBO and CINEMAX . There is not an additional charge to use this service. HBO GO and MAX GO give you unlimited access to HBO or CINEMAX—online!

You can watch streaming video of your favorite HBOGO/MAX Original Series, blockbuster movies, sports, comedy and documentaries from your computer—whenever you want. There are more than 1400 shows available on HBOGO/MAX GO every month.

  • New HBO or CINEMAX Original Series
  • Hollywood hit movies
  • A vast selection of HBOGO/CINEMAX award-winning original programming
  • There's always something to watch
  • Once you sign in, you can access HBOGO/MAX GO at home or from any computer that has a high-speed Internet connection.

Customers with Charter Internet must log in with email credentials. Video only customers may use their My Account login.

Plus, HBO GO is also available for Apple and Android mobile devices!

Learn how to log in, set up parental controls and more.

Charter and NFL Network have announced a new, long-term agreement for carriage of NFL Network. Charter, among one of the largest communications and entertainment providers in the country, will also offer the innovative NFL RedZone service to its customers. NFL Network and NFL RedZone will be available through Charter in time for the start of the 2011 NFL regular season.

NFL Network will be available to Charter customers on the Digital View Plus tier and in high-definition to customers with high-definition service and an HD television set. NFL RedZone will be available on Charter's Sports View tiers. NFL RedZone is a Sunday only service, beginning with the Sept 11 start of the regular season, providing live game action from around the league as a team enters inside the 20-yard line and prepares to score.

NFL Network will be available on Charter's Digital View Plus, Sports View and Sports View Plus level of service, each priced at $10/month.

  • RedZone will be available on Charter's Sports View and Sports View Plus levels of service, each priced at $10/month.
  • Both NFL Network and Red Zone will be available in high-definition, but availability varies by service area.

NFL Network and RedZone will be listed on the channel line-ups as soon as the services are launched.

HD OFFERS: Customer's TV must be HD capable. A Charter HD receiver may be required to receive all HD programming. HD programming varies by service level. Not all channels available in HD. HD channels included at no additional cost.

HD/DVR OFFERS: A Charter HD/DVR receiver is required for HD/DVR service and customer's TV must be HD capable. HD programming varies by service level. Not all channels available in HD. Standard rates apply for Charter HD/DVR service. HD channels included at no additional cost.

ON DEMAND: Programming, pricing, ratings and scheduling subject to change. Services not available in all areas. On Demand line up varies by level of service. Other restrictions may apply. Call for full details.

For more information on Charter services, visit

Charter's Expanded Basic package includes:

  • Analog signal
  • Basic service is included/required
  • Expanded Basic provides additional programming, compared with Basic
  • Expanded Basic can be made available to multiple TVs in the house
  • Any cable-ready television can be connected to this service
  • No cable box or any other special equipment is needed

We offer Video on Demand (VOD) and Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD).

VOD is included with our digital TV service and includes a large library of content for no additional charge. You can watch new release movies anytime you want. You can choose from shows from a variety of networks. Premium channel subscribers, customers who subscribe to HBO/Cinemax, Starz/Encore or Showtime also have access to the premium channel VOD library at no extra charge.

You will only have access to the VOD channels that align with your level of service.

Specials and Event VOD may be an extra charge. You will be prompted to accept the charges from the remote before being able to view them.

Some VOD content such as High-Defintion(HD) or 3-Dimentional (3D) require you have that particular equipment that will support the content:

  • For instance you will need to have a High Definition TV and a high definition Charter receiver in order to receive High definition content.
  • In order to receive 3D programming you will need to have your own 3D capable TV and 3D glasses.

Subscription Video on Demand is available for a monthly fee. You can choose to subscribe to exclusive content from Disney, Howard Stern, Karaoke, FUNimation and more. The monthly fee provides you unlimited viewing of included programming and no per viewing charges.

If SVOD is available you will be able to purchase through remote or contact us.

You can play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward any show from the On Demand menu anytime, without a VCR or DVD player.

Note: Not all services available in all areas. Pricing may vary.

TV: Product Help

We may occasionally send you messages to announce new services, special promotions or other information.

If you have a Cisco or Scientific Atlantic model receiver (cable box) you can access the message through the Interactive Program Guide and read and/or delete the message.

The green solid or blinking light on the front light indicates you have a message from Charter.

The green light does not indicate a problem.

To view the message Tune to channel 2499 to receive the message. Once the message is accessed, the message indicator light will disappear, or you can use the Interactive Program Guide to view your messages following the steps below:

  1. Press Menu on your Universal Remote.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to and highlight the Messages icon in the right column.
  3. If necessary, use the arrow keys to scroll to the desired message.
  4. Press OK on the remote to select the message.
  5. After reading the message, you have the option to save or delete the message.
  6. Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight the Save or Delete icon.
  7. Press OK on the remote to select the action.
  8. When you read or delete the message, the red light will disappear.
  9. Press Exit on the remote to exit the guide.

If you have a Motorola model receiver (cable box) you will see a solid red light on the front of your cable box. To view the message using the Interactive Program Guide:

  1. Press the Menu button twice on your Charter remote control.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to and highlight the Messages bar. Press OK/Select.
  3. If necessary, use the arrow keys to scroll to the desired message.
  4. Press OK/Select on the remote to select the message.
  5. After reading the message, use the arrow keys to highlight "Go back to previous screen" or "Delete the message" at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Press OK on the remote to select the action.
  7. When you read or delete the message or messages, the red light will disappear.
  8. Press Exit on the remote to exit the guide.

If you have a Moxi DVR, you will see a green light appear on the front panel next to the Message label, and an envelope appears in the lower left corner of the guide. To access the Service Messages:

  1. Press Moxi on the remote control.
  2. Scroll left or right to the Service Messages card.
  3. Highlight the desired message.
  4. Press OK to select the message.
  5. Select "mark as read" or "delete" as desired.

If you are unsure of what Digital Receiver you have, please click here to see images and reference information.

If you have any further questions, please Chat Online with us.

Or contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

The Separate Audio Programming (SAP) may be turned on for the TV or set-top box. Access the menu on your television or set-top box and make sure SAP is turned OFF.

Yes. You can install a digital receiver on all of your TVs or install a CableCARD in CableCARD-enabled TVs. Additional charges may/will apply. Contact us for additional cost information.

In order to resolve problems with your remote control, please try the following:

  1. Make sure the power light on your receiver is lit.
  2. Check to see if the remote control light is flashing repeatedly. If so, please replace your batteries with two new alkaline batteries.
  3. Make sure the Charter remote is set to cable by pressing the CBL button. Then try to change channels.
  4. Go up to the receiver and try changing the channels without using the remote control.
  5. Refer to the remote control setup instructions, and make sure you have the correct codes programmed for your equipment.
  6. Make sure nothing is blocking the front of the receiver.
  7. Make sure you are operating the remote control within 20 feet of the receiver.
  8. Some Charter remotes require a minimum of 2 digits entered to change to the channel (i.e.: 05 to change to channel 5).
  9. You may need to auto tune your TV to reset the channels. Please consult your TVs remote and TVs user guide for instructions on how to auto tune your TV.

If you have tried the previous steps and find that your remote control is still not working correctly, please contact us or visit your local Charter office.

Find the Charter location nearest you.

If you have any further questions, please Chat Online with us.

Or contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

General Setup Instructions

  1. Turn on the equipment you would like your Remote Control to operate.
  2. Press the corresponding button on the Remote Control (i.e., TV, VCR, Cable, or Audio).
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button on the Remote Control until the red light blinks twice; then release.
  4. Enter the four-digit code for your brand of television. Refer to your TV manual.
  5. Aim the Remote Control at the component and press POWER. The equipment should turn off. If it does not, repeat steps 2-4 until the power turns off.

Note: If your Remote Control does not have an All ON/All OFF button, the red power button on the top of the Remote Control will act as the All ON/All OFF button (assuming the TV and receiver are programmed into the Remote Control correctly). If the TV and receiver become out of sync with the All ON/All OFF function, press the CABLE button and then press POWER. If this step does not bring up a picture, press All ON/All OFF.

Universal Search Instructions

Use the following All Search method if the codes listed for your brand do not allow you to operate the equipment:

  1. Turn on the equipment you would like your Remote Control to operate.
  2. Press the corresponding button on the Remote Control (i.e., TV, VCR, Cable, or Audio).
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button on the Remote Control until the red light blinks twice; then release.
  4. Press 9-9-1.
  5. Slowly alternate pressing POWER and TV until your TV turns off. There are up to 100 different codes.
  6. When the TV turns off, press the SETUP button on the Remote Control. This will save the code.

Finding The Code When Using Search

  1. Press the button corresponding to the code you just entered; then press and release SETUP.
  2. Press 9-9-0.
  3. For the first digit of your code, press 1, and wait three seconds. Count the number of times the red light blinks; that will tell you the first number of your three-digit code.
  4. For the second digit, press 2, wait three seconds, and count the number of times the red light blinks. This is the second digit of your code.
  5. For the third digit of your code, press 3 and wait three seconds. Count the number of times the red light blinks; that will tell you the third digit of your three-digit code. If the light does not blink at all, then the number is 0.

View specific set up instructions for each brand of remote.

If you feel that your remote is broken or that you might need a replacement, we please ask that you follow the steps above first. A remote can be replaced at your nearest local office.

Are you not receiving channels above 13?

Go into your TV's main setup menu and make sure that it is in the Cable (CATV mode), not TV, Air, or Antenna.

Is your TV skipping channels?

You may want to Auto-Program your TV. Go into the main menu of your TV and look for an option to "Auto-Tune" or "Auto-Program."

Please try the following steps if you are having trouble receiving premium channels:

  1. Verify you subscribe to these channel(s). You can verify what services you subscribe to my accessing your "My Account" online and clicking my services. Verify the channel lineup or the channel name hasn't changed.
  2. Do you have a receiver or CableCARD on the TV missing the channels? Premium channels require a digital receiver or CableCARD. Third Party CableCARDS also require a Tuning Adapter.
  3. Verify equipment is hooked up correctly. Customer owned equipment such as VCRs, DVD players etc must be connected after the digital receiver/tuning adapter in order to receive switched digital channels.
  4. Is the TV missing the High Definition channels a High Definition Television set? Although our DVR's are high definition the Television set must be high definition capable or you will not be able to receive High definition channels.
  5. Check to make sure all HD TV connections to the TV are connected correctly and the proper connection cables are being used.
  6. Make sure all connections are hand tight. Make sure the proper video display (channel) format is being used for your TV, for example is your TV 720p or 1080i. If you are unsure please refer to your TV owner's manual.

Reset your receiver:

Scientific Atlanta or Motorola

Unplug the power cord from the back of the cable box, wait 15 seconds then plug the power cord back into the cable box.


Press and hold the reset button located on the front of the MOXI box. The button could be named reset or power but is always located on the bottom right corner of the cable box.

Still missing premiums?

Contact us.

A Tuning Adapter is an external device used by CableCARD customers in Switched Digital Video (SDV) areas who are using a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), such as TiVo or retail purchased Moxi. The Tuning Adapter assists your PVR in receiving and tuning SDV channels.

The Tuning Adapter is not for use with standalone CableCARD ready TVs in SDV markets. In order to receive all channels a Digital or High Definition receiver is needed.

Note: The Tuning Adapter is provided by Charter at no additional monthly cost to CableCARD customers in SDV areas. While there is no monthly rental charge for the Tuning Adapter, should you choose to disconnect services, the Tuning Adapter must be returned to Charter to avoid an unreturned equipment fee.

Tuning Adapters are not available for self-installation and must be installed by a Charter technician. When connected to your equipment, the Tuning Adapter is connected to the cable line before your PVR equipment.

Types of Tuning Adapters

Currently Charter deploys both a Cisco and Motorola version.

Note: Model availability varies by area.

If you have any further questions, please Chat Online with us.

Or contact us at 1-888-438-2427.

TV: Equipment

A Digital Receiver is a piece of equipment that receives digital programming from Charter and converts it into a format that can be connected to and viewed on a TV set. It is also commonly referred to as a set-top box or cable box. Different models support different features and may include or exclude services such as analog programming, digital programming, high-definition programming, certain Interactive Programming Guides, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), etc.

Coaxial cable is pure copper or copper-coated wire surrounded by insulation with an aluminum covering used to transmit television, telephone, and data signals. Fiber-optic cable is also used to deliver the same types of signals, but carries much wider bands of frequencies. It is made of very thin, pliable tubes of glass or plastic.

Charter can install extra outlets.

However, you will need to obtain written permission from your landlord authorizing Charter Communications to install/move outlets.

Additional charges may apply.

Yes. We need to know the number of TVs that you would like video service installed on, so that our technicians will be prepared to install your service properly.

Installing your cable box onto your television is surprisingly easy once you know two simple technical tips:

  1. The cable wire must go directly from where it enters the room to the threaded "cable in" jack on the back of the cable box.
  2. The cable box should not be given power until the incoming cable wire is connected. (Note: If the cable box was powered on before receiving a signal, reboot the unit by turning it off and disconnect only the power cord from the outlet for at least 15 seconds before plugging it back in).

Your wiring configuration may vary depending on what other electronic devices you have installed on your home entertainment system.

Some digital receivers have the option to display the time on the front panel display. Your receiver's settings may have been changed.

If the receiver has a front display, access the receiver's menu and utilize the setup choices to choose between displaying the channel number or the time.

You cannot change the time on the Charter Digital Receiver. The receiver time is controlled by a central system.

For more information on connecting your Video Components, including the digital receiver, standard and high definition televisions, audio components, DVRs and VCRs, please view this detailed article concerning connection diagrams.