Change Email Password

How do I change a email account password online?

  1. Login to if you have a "My Account" Username
  2. Enter your Username in the provided field
  3. Enter your Password (Passwords are case sensitive).
  4. Click Login or press Enter
  5. After you have successfully accessed My Account, select Internet Services & Tools tab
  6. Click Edit on the email address you wish to change the username and/or password
  7. Click Save to update your changes
  8. If you do not remember your My Account Username please call us at 1-888-438-2427 (Charter Communications customers in the states of Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming visit or call 1-877-273-7626)
  9. If you do not remember your My Account Password, click "Forgot Password" link and enter your Username, select your Secret Question and type your Secret Answer in the spaces provided. If this information matches, you will be able to change your password on the My Profile tab and then complete steps 5-7.